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MongoDB c++ legacy driver 1.1.2 not working - Compiled with VS2013, Win 10, boost-1_62

Driver compiled successfully without problem. I coded a simple program to test the driver. Basically the following is the code:

static std::vector<mongo::HostAndPort> hosts = { mongo::HostAndPort("xxxxxxxx-a0.mlab.com:xxxxx"), mongo::HostAndPort("xxxxxxxx-a1.mlab.com:xxxxx") };
static mongo::DBClientReplicaSet con("rs-xxxxxxxx", hosts, 0);

std::string errmsg;
con.auth("dbname", "userid", "password", errmsg);

I compiled the code with no problem. The exe couldn't start in bebug mode, giving error 0xc000a200. I was not able to debug at all. In release mode, it stopped right at starting-up. I noticed there was a boost warning in the console:

Assertion failed: px != 0, file C:\Boost\include\boost-1_62\boost/smart_ptr/scoped_ptr.hpp, line 105

And there was an error popup:

MongoDB C++ Legacy Driver Error

I was able to choose debug and here is where the program stopped - the last line of replica_set_monitor.cpp:

void ReplicaSetMonitor::createIfNeeded(const string& name, const set<HostAndPort>& servers) {
LOG(3) << "ReplicaSetMonitor::createIfNeeded " << name;
boost::lock_guard<boost::mutex> lk(setsLock);
ReplicaSetMonitorPtr& m = sets[name];
if (!m)
m = boost::make_shared<ReplicaSetMonitor>(name, servers);
// Don't need to hold the lifetime lock for safeGo as
// 1) we assume the monitor is created as the contract of this class is such that initialize()
// must have been called.
// 2) replicaSetMonitorWatcher synchronizes safeGo internally using the _monitorMutex

Please help! Thanks a lot!

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You need to call mongo::client::initialize before you construct any driver objects, or BSON for that matter. Move the call to mongo::client::initialize above where you declare the DBClientReplicaSet object.

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