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Android Gradle Running Tests on Non-Debug Builds

I have a project with three different build types: debug, beta, and release. My test package is always created for debug builds, but QA uses the beta build and we want QA to run these tests on their vast array of devices.

I'm trying to create a testing apk for QA that is signed by the same key as the beta build. Looking through the Android-Gradle documentation, I don't see anything telling me that I can't do this, but I don't see anyway to configure this. Is there anyway I can configure which keystore is used when assembling a test apk? Or is there a way to create an unsigned test apk?

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This is an incomplete answer to your question in that it documents what you can't do, but the connectedAndroidTest task, which is what runs the androidTest tests in your project, is hardcoded to run against the debug build type, and I don't see a way to point it at a different build type.

Taking the advice from Is there a way to list task dependencies in Gradle? and examining the task dependency tree, if you run:

./gradlew tasks --all

you get this in your output:

Verification tasks
app:check - Runs all checks. [app:lint]
app:connectedAndroidTest - Installs and runs the tests for Build 'debug' on connected devices. [app:assembleDebug, app:assembleDebugTest]
app:connectedCheck - Runs all device checks on currently connected devices. [app:connectedAndroidTest]
app:deviceCheck - Runs all device checks using Device Providers and Test Servers.

The documentation for the connectedAndroidTest task claims it runs tests against debug, and the task dependencies (which you see with the -all flag) confirm that the task depends on assembleDebug.

Adding additional build types and flavors doesn't seem to affect the dependency on the built-in debug type.

It's possible that with greater Gradle-fu than mine, you could rewire the tasks to make the tests depend on a different build type, but doing this is likely to be fragile since it's bound to depend on things that aren't supported API in the Android Gradle plugin.

To answer your question most directly, though, if all you want is to run tests against a build with a different certificate, you could change the signing config on your debug build to use the beta certificate:

android {
    signingConfigs {
        beta {
            keyAlias 'key'
            keyPassword 'password'
            storeFile file('/path/to/beta_keystore.jks')
            storePassword 'password'
    buildTypes {
        debug {
            signingConfig signingConfigs.beta
        beta {
            signingConfig signingConfigs.beta

I tested it and I am able to run androidTest targets against debug builds that use a custom keystore in this way. However, I doubt this solves your problem, because I suspect you want to run your tests against the beta build, not a debug build with the beta certificate.

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