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GNU Automake - How does dist_bin_SCRIPTS work and can I change it?

In a Makefile.am file I have come across the variable assignment

dist_bin_SCRIPTS = foo

From this website under the heading Makefile.am it says it installs the script in the

It also says there are ways to define your own values (directories to install to)... In my case I would like to change it to install the script foo in
, does anybody know how to do this?

I've tried looking at the automake manual but I couldn't find out the required info sadly.

All help is appreciated :)

Answer Source

bin_SCRIPTS installs to /usr/local/bin is because bindir is predefined already (with many layers of defaults). So,

foodir = ${sysconfdir}/bash_completion.d
foo_DATA = mycompletion.sh

is the fast way without parametrization from configure (but still overridable at make-time.)

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