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Java Question

I am getting java heap space error while inserting a record to the database?

I am getting a java heap space error but while trying to insert a record to the database. I am not sure how come oracle is able to consume the heap and why it is consuming this much. The error is occuring on this line:

Connection con = null;
PreparedStatement ps = null;
ResultSet rs = null;
String sqlString = null;
DaoUtility dUtil = DaoUtility.getInstance();

con = dUtil.getConnection();
. . .

Here is the log:

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
at java.lang.reflect.Array.newArray(Native Method)
at java.lang.reflect.Array.newInstance(Array.java:52)
at oracle.jdbc.driver.BufferCache.get(BufferCache.java:226)
at oracle.jdbc.driver.PhysicalConnection.getCharBuffer(PhysicalConnection.java:7643)
at oracle.jdbc.driver.OraclePreparedStatement.setupBindBuffers(OraclePreparedStatement.java:2949)
at oracle.jdbc.driver.OraclePreparedStatement.processCompletedBindRow(OraclePreparedStatement.java:2355)
at oracle.jdbc.driver.OraclePreparedStatement.executeInternal(OraclePreparedStatement.java:3571)
at oracle.jdbc.driver.OraclePreparedStatement.executeUpdate(OraclePreparedStatement.java:3657)
at oracle.jdbc.driver.OraclePreparedStatementWrapper.executeUpdate(OraclePreparedStatementWrapper.java:1350)
at weblogic.jdbc.wrapper.PreparedStatement.executeUpdate(PreparedStatement.java:172)


Oracle JDBC driver is notorious for memory consumption. Please read about the configuration parameters available to you to control its memory consumption. Especially take note of oracle.jdbc.maxCachedBufferSize for your case.