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AngularJS Question

Why does Angular still add unknown selection?

I am pretty new to Angular so I am missing something trivial:

<select ng-model="shop_index">
<option ng-repeat="elem in shops"

When I look at created HTML code it looks fine except for that unknown entry. I add
to HTML code -- no change. I init the model value in controller (before fetching the data) -- no change. I init the model after fetching the data -- no change. This unknown option is simply welded :-).

I am not asking how to get rid of it (like adding it manually, but hidden) but how to fix the above code to remove it automatically.


You should use this:

In your controller:

$scope.shop_index = $scope.shops[0];

In your view:

<select ng-model="shop_index" ng-options="elem as for elem in shops"></select>