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AngularJS Question

get data from $http response using angularjs

I have server written in Java, where I create JSON objects like this:

public void serialize(Net net, JsonGenerator jg, SerializerProvider sp) throws IOException, JsonProcessingException {
try {
Set<Place> places = net.getPlaces();
Set<Transition> transitions = net.getTransitions();
JSONObject jsonPlaces = new JSONObject();
for (Place p : places)
String id = p.getId();
double xCoord = p.getxCoord();
double yCoord = p.getyCoord();
JSONObject jsonPosition = new JSONObject();
jsonPosition.put("x", xCoord);
jsonPosition.put("y", yCoord);

JSONObject jsonPlace = new JSONObject();
jsonPlace.put("position", jsonPosition);
jsonPlaces.put(id, jsonPlace);

} catch (Exception ex) {
throw new IOException("...", ex);

The resulting object as string (
) looks like this:


I send it to my web application using the code below, it uses the

public Net blindLayout(Net net) throws Exception {
return net;

And here is the angularjs code that should recieve the response

.factory('Layout', function ($http, Notification, AnalysisConfig) {
layoutPrototype.performLayout = function (net, options, defered) {

if (net) {
var address = AnalysisConfig.serverAddress + AnalysisConfig.resourceURI + AnalysisConfig.resources.blindLayout;
$, JSON.stringify(net), {timeout: AnalysisConfig.timeout})
.then(function (response) {
var data = response;
function (response) {
title: 'Communication error',

My problem is that I canĀ“t get data from the response. No matter what I tried, the result is always
[object Object]
. So how should I get data from response so I can for example use
and write something like

id01 (value of x, value of y)
id02 (value of x, value of y)

so I can also use it in my app?

Answer Source

the $http returns a promise that's resolved with an object that contains more than just the body but also headers and status. So to retrieve the JSON you created on a backend you can do:

$, JSON.stringify(net), {timeout: AnalysisConfig.timeout})
    .then(function (response) {
        var data =;

and then if you want to iterate over object keys you can do few things

for(var id in data){
  console.log(data[id]) //{"position":{"x":220,"y":90}}
  console.log(data[id].position) //{"x":220,"y":90}


var arrayOfObjects = Object.keys(data).map(function(id){
    return data[id].position;
console.log(arrayOfObjects) // [{"x":220,"y":90}, {"x":210,"y":250}]
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