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Swift - Cast Int into enum:Int

I am very new to Swift (got started this week) and I'm migrating my app from Objective-C. I have basically the following code in Objective-C that works fine:

typedef enum : int {
MyTimeFilter1Hour = 1,
MyTimeFilter1Day = 2,
MyTimeFilter7Day = 3,
MyTimeFilter1Month = 4,
} MyTimeFilter;


- (void)selectFilter:(id)sender
self.timeFilterSelected = (MyTimeFilter)((UIButton *)sender).tag;
[self closeAnimated:YES];

When translating it to Swift, I did the following:

enum MyTimeFilter : Int {
case OneHour = 1
case OneDay = 2
case SevenDays = 3
case OneMonth = 4


@IBAction func selectFilter(sender: AnyObject) {
self.timeFilterSelected = (sender as UIButton).tag as MyTimeFilter

By doing that, I get the error :

'Int' is not convertible to 'MyTimeFilter'

I don't know if my approach (using the tag property) is the best, but anyway I need to do this kind of casting in different places in my app. Does anyone have an idea of how to get rid of this error?



Use the rawValue initializer: it's an initializer automatically generated for enums.

self.timeFilterSelected = MyTimeFilter(rawValue: (sender as UIButton).tag)!

see: The Swift Programming Language § Enumerations

NOTE: This answer has changed. Earlier version of Swift use the class method fromRaw() to convert raw values to enumerated values.