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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Is there any mail queue system in ASP.NET?

Is there any mail queue concept in ASP.NET?

I want to send thousands of different mail to thousands of users (i.e. each user will have a different mail). I want to send the mail at a particular time, so each user receives it at a constant time.

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There really is not mail queue in the Core framework. You can send individual messages synchronously or asynchronously, but you can't really send a bunch at once.

You can queue your messages by storing them to a database or file server and then kicking off a job to loop through your saved messages and send them off.

Also, not all of your users will receive the messages at the same time, even if you could send them at the same time. There are too many external variables and dependencies (network traffic, mail server loads, spam filters) to accurately predicate when or even if your users receive their messages.

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