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Sass (Sass) Question

Sass interpolate a variable name to string

We were provided a number of colors with specific hover-state colors associated:

$red: #cb333b;
$red-hover: #fe666e;
$brown: #544742;
$brown-hover: #877a75;

Since all the colors are formatted the same way, so I was hoping to write a mixin that takes the color's variable name, then concatenates
to the end. This is my first try:

@mixin button_colorizor($color) {
border-color: $color;
color: $color;
&:hover {
color: #{$color}-hover;
border-color: #{$color}-hover;

But what this does is output a color like this:
. The same thing when I do this:
color: #{$color+-hover};

Answer Source

You can create map of colors. And get color values by its names.

Demo on sassmeister.

$colors: (
  red: #cb333b,
  red-hover: #fe666e,
  brown: #544742,
  brown-hover: #877a75

@mixin button_colorizor($color) {
  color: map-get($colors, $color);
  border-color: map-get($colors, $color);

  &:hover {
    color: map-get($colors, $color + '-hover');
    border-color: map-get($colors, $color + '-hover');

a {
  @include button_colorizor(red);

span {
  @include button_colorizor(brown);

This code is compiled to css:

a {
  color: #cb333b;
  border-color: #cb333b;
a:hover {
  color: #fe666e;
  border-color: #fe666e;

span {
  color: #544742;
  border-color: #544742;
span:hover {
  color: #877a75;
  border-color: #877a75;
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