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Injecting dataSource class to presenter gives null

I'm trying to inject

class to
using Dagger 2, but dataSource is null.

The code is below :

public class MainPresenter implements MainMVP.Presenter {

public static final String TAG = "MAIN-PRESENTER";

private MainMVP.View mainView;

DataSource dataSource;

public MainPresenter(@NonNull MainMVP.View mainView) {
this.mainView = mainView;

Log.i(TAG, "MainPresenter init");
.dataModule(new DataModule())

public void onButtonClick() {
if (dataSource != null) {


If I remove the condition that checks for null in dataSource I'm getting a
. Anyone can help with that? Isn't the constructor the right place to build the


You're building your component but you don't seem to be actually using it.

DataCompontent component = DaggerDataComponent.builder()
            .dataModule(new DataModule())

and add

void inject(MainPresenter presenter);

to your DataComponent interface.

As for your question about if that is the right place to build your component: we can't really answer that. That strongly depends on your code architecture.

Here's a nice example of MVP + dagger2 architecture. Maybe try following that.