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Python Question

How do i print out the right Id with my output

I am working with sklearn and pandas and my prediction is coming out as an array without the right id, which has been set as the index.

My code:

train = train.set_index('activity_id')
test = test.set_index('activity_id')

y_train = train['outcome']
x_train = train.drop('people_id', axis=1)
x_test = test

model = DecisionTreeClassifier(min_samples_leaf=100),y_train)

scores = cross_val_score(model, x_train,y_train, cv=10)
print('mean: {:.3f} (std: {:.3f})'.format(scores.mean(), scores.std()), end='\n\n')
#make predictions
y_pred = model.predict(x_test)

Any thoughts on how i can get them to print out with the right activity_id list? Thanks!

Answer Source

From what you have written I believe you are trying to show your index for x_test next to the y_train values generated by x_test.

This can be done by turning the numpy array output from model.predict(x_test) into a DataFrame. Then we can set the index of the new DataFrame to be the same as that of x_test.

Here is an example,

df_pred = pd.DataFrame(y_pred, index=x_test.index, columns=['y_pred'])
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