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C# Question

How to divide number on separate digits to add values to each other

can you help me figure out how to calculate this way, for example I have some integer:

first I need condition

if (x < 10) to avoid asked calculation for single numbers

now if number contains more then 1 digit need to calculate it second way, for example, I got 134 how to separate it to calculate it this way 1 + 3 + 4 to attach this value 8 to variable.

So question is how to separate numbers

Answer Source


int num = 12345; 
       // holder temporarily holds the last digit of the number   
        int holder = 0;
        int sum = 0;
         while (num>0)
          holder = num%10;
          num = num/10;
          sum += holder;


         //sum would now hold the sum of each digit
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