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Python Question

python pandas merge pivot tables

I created 9 pivot tables:

they all look like this

0 20.000000
1 20.405677
2 35.982625
3 50.475167
4 61.578472

I want to merge them all by NR_V the way I would merge normal tables, but I think that empty line is throwing it off.

I tried this

dfs = [p_2009, p_2010, p_2011, p_2012, p_2013, p_2014, p_2015 ]
merge = partial(pd.merge, on=['NR_V'], how='outer')

result = dfs[0]
for df in dfs[1:]:
result = merge(result, df)

But I get an error "KeyError: 'NR_V'".

Answer Source

Try using pd.concat

dfs = [p_2009, p_2010, p_2011, p_2012, p_2013, p_2014, p_2015 ]
pd.concat(dfs, axis=1)

enter image description here

response to comment
If you want to get rid of empty space

pd.concat(dfs, axis=1).reset_index()
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