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Sencha touch & Extjs6, Keyboard overlays input fields when using 3rd-party InputMethod in ios

There is a formpanel which has a lot of input fields with Extjs6 Modern.

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I am using ios 9.3.1 and 3rd-party input method. When I tap one input (e.g. the Rio textarea), the keyboard shows, but it overlays the input.

enter image description here

It goes well when I use the default inputMethod of ios. The view moves up and docks to the top of the keyboard.

enter image description here

Sencha touch has the same issue.

Do you have any workaround?

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I have an solution use plugin cordova-plugin-keyboard,and add those preferences to config.xml

<preference name="KeyboardShrinksView" value="true" />  
<preference name="DisableScrollingWhenKeyboardShrinksView" value="true" />  

see for detail