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Using Unions of enums in C

I am using pointers to functions in state machines and need to pass an enumerated value that is built from a a union of enums. As I am using a table with functions calls I need their call/return values to match. I have tried to build this on my local box and on CodeChef using GCC C 4.9.2 With codeChef I'm getting the error:

prog.c: In function 'main': prog.c:12:15: error: expected expression
before 'FOO' NewFooState(FOO.D); // <<<<<< This is what

typedef enum Foo_t {A, B, C, D} FOO;
typedef enum Bar_t {E, F, G} BAR;

typedef union FooBar_t {FOO Foo; BAR Bar;} FooBar;

FooBar NewFooState(FooBar NewState);

//I want to later make call such as

int main(){
NewFooState(FOO.D); // <<<<<< This is what fails!!
return 0;
//and have that function look like:

FooBar NewFooState(FooBar NewState){
static FooBar oldState = {.Foo=A};
FooBar ReturnValue = oldState;
oldState = NewState;
switch (NewState.Foo){
case A:
case B:
case C:
case D:
return ReturnValue ;

Note the particular way that is needed to initialize oldState:

static FooBar oldState = {.Foo=A};

My problem seems to be using enum value such as FooBar.Bar.G I've tried all of the syntax combinations that see obvious to me such as {.Foo=G}, FooBar_t.Bar.G, Bar.G, G, etc but I can not get the compiler to accept it. I just want to use one of the enumerated values such as F and call the NewFooState function, such as NewFooState(F). Should be so simple...
With NewFooState(G) I am getting the error Error[Pe167]: argument of type "enum G" is incompatible with parameter of type "FooBar"

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Answer Source

There is no such thing as FOO.D. D is its own identifier which designates an enum value associated with FOO. However, your NewFooState() function expects a FooBar, not FOO (nor BAR). So, you need a variable of the proper type. One way this can be done:

  FooBar FOO_D = { .Foo=D };
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