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How to hide Location icon in an iOS app on screens that do not require it?

I am developing an iOS app with Xamarin.iOS.
I have granted permissions to use Location Services, and the Location icon is visible in the Status Bar as long as the app is running.
However, my app needs to get the current location on one screen only - the rest of the time location is not needed.

Is it possible to turn off (hide) the Locations icon when app is not really using it?

Answers I found are for old iOS versions or work on jailbroken phones. It is my understanding that Apple is preventing this now. I would appreciate a confirmation if this is at all possible or not. Or if it is possible - some Xamarin / Objective-C /Swift examples would be great.

Answer Source

U mean the airplane ICON in status bar?

This ICON will show when APP using location service, try to stop or remove your location request or mapView, your map SDK have their own interface, like:

locationManager = [[CLLocationManager alloc]init]; [locationManager stopUpdatingLocation];

and be sure other APP not using location service.

but it NOT sure the service will stop immediately, location manager just a monitor to system.

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