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JSON Question

Double Label for Json Property C#

I need to pass a Json object to an API, but the API requires the Json properties to have a double label of sorts, such as:


However, using Newtonsoft.Json.Linq, I can't get this to format the label exactly. Here is what I've tried so far (which throws an error)

dynamic json= new JObject(); = "1234";

Doing = "1234";

Works just fine. I have also tried = new JProperty("id", "1234");

Which also throws an error. I have also tried hard coding the json file as a single string and converting that to a JObject, which also threw an error. Is what I'm trying to do possible or am I missing something? Is there another Json package I could use that would support what I want to do?

Answer Source

Use JObject's string indexer notation.

dynamic json = new JObject();
json[""] = "1234";

Since the json is essentially built as a key/value pair, using a string indexer can allow you to overcome atypical property names.

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