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Find out which apple music songs are playable in your country (e.g. via track_id)

Using the apple itunes search api it is possible to get information on songs such as artist, title and apple store track_id:
enter image description here

Using an MPMusicPlayerController (i tried both system and application) one should be able to play songs using:

player = MPMusicPlayerController.systemMusicPlayer()

As noted here some IDs seem to not work. (e.g. "574050602" is supposed to play a certain song by Rick Astley)

I have read that you need a country specific store id.

How can I determine whether a specific song will be playable or not without actually trying to play it?

property does not indicate whether I can actually stream it.

Answer Source

To only get track IDs that are playable in your country you need to specify your country on search using the country parameter (source)

I have not found out what kind of problems the author at 1 had with this parameter, but there also seems to be an undocumented parameter s which might help.

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