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why method with Flowable<List> of Room DAO never completes?

Fetching data from DB , Room DAO has a method that returns a Flowable userDao.getInfo(), this Flowable will never completes, I tested adding doOnNext() it emits 5 times (DB contains 5 items) but complete is never called, but I need as I have toList(),what could be the alternative for this

return userDatas()
.flatMapIterable(items -> items)
.flatMap(userData -> userDao.getInfo(userData.getId())
.map(user -> user.toStoreModel(...)//added doOnNext()-works 5 times and doOnComplete()doesn't work
.doOnNext(userData -> Log.i("test",""+userData))
.doOnComplete(() -> Log.i("test","complete"))

@Query("SELECT * FROM user WHERE id = :id")
Flowable<...> getInfo(Long Id);

public Flowable<List<UserStore>> userDatas() {
return userDao.allUserDatas()
.take(1)//added complete and next works
.filter(userDatas -> !userDatas.isEmpty())
.doOnNext(userDatas -> userDao.insert(userDatas)));


I have tested and even when I'm replacing userDatas() only with userDao.allUserDatas() (I'm sure it exists in DB) it gives the same results

Answer Source

If you need to have called complete method you can use take(1).but in that case you could not listener further DB changes

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