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Online resources for Introduction to computer and computer sciences for absolute beginner

In our office, we have an office boy(completed high school(10+2 years)) with average academic record so far). He wants to learn programming. I have started coaching him in Computer Science basics (history of computer science, number systems, etc.), but I am not able to put in enough time with him(because I have very limited free time and more importantly I do not want to spoon feed him). Now I am not sure how to fill in the gap of theoretical reading.

Now my question is, could anyone point me to some online resources(preferably in simple English) for Introduction to Computer Sciences.

Moreover, I am planning to start him with on programming with book Think Like A Computer Scientist - Python version. If any body knows a better book or an online resource - preferably in Python, please point out.


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I finally decided to use a mixture of online resources. I am teaching him basics of CS and basic Python myself. Then I will cherry pick topics for him from various free python books and official documentations.

Let's see how this experiment goes.

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