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MySQL Question

Updating Column with other column value

Given the following table

id name Date
1 Hello_world_@13 15/05/2016
2 Bye_world_@22 16/07/2016
3 Random_Name_@75 18/09/2016

I need to update name column inserting the date value into it. I need to insert the date before the "@" and adding a "_" at the end of the date.

id name Date
1 Hello_world_15/05/2016_@13 15/05/2016
2 Bye_world_16/07/2016_@22 16/07/2016
3 Random_Name_18/09/2016_@75 18/09/2016

Any ideas on queries that would do that?

Answer Source

Use replace

If the date column is already a string then use

update table 
set name = replace(name, '@' , concat(date, '_@'));

else use date_format too

update table 
set name = replace(name, '@' , concat(DATE_FORMAT(date, '%d/%m/%Y'), '_@'));
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