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Java Question

Unsure how to set uniform value to a vector

So i have a problem where i have a vector class, and if the user wants to set a uniform value to the int they type in. This is my code so far:

public static Vector uniform(int length, long value) {

length 4, value 4 => [4 4 4 4]

Vector vector = new Vector(length);

//for loop to iterate through each elements & set value?

return new Vector(length);

The part with the reminder was the part i was unsure about. When the vector main program is run and the user types in "Set a = uniform 4", then the number 4 must become the value for all the numbers in the vector. How can i do this?

Answer Source

Assuming the Vectors class name is a typo, and it's actually Vector:

Vector v = new Vector(length);
Arrays.fill(v.elements, value);
return v;
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