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Sending a stream of documents to a Jersey @POST endpoint

I want to be able to send a stream of a bunch of documents to a web service. This will save on Http request/response overhead and focus on the documents themselves.

In python you can do something like this:

r ='',
data={'track': 'requests'}, auth=('username', 'password'),

for line in r.iter_lines():
if line: # filter out keep-alive new lines
print json.loads(line)

I'm looking for an example of someone streaming a Request to a Jersey rest api. I was hoping to see the client side and the server side to show it working. But i'm struggling hard to find an example out there.

The example Ideally would show:

Open request
Iterate over huge document list
Write document to open request stream
Close request

@POST method
Open entity stream
Iterate over entity stream while next document is available
Process document
Close entity stream

If we get it right you'll be processing entities on the Server while still sending them on the Client! Huge win!

Answer Source

One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is to let Jersey provide the POST handler with an InputStream for the HTTP POST body. The method can use the InputStream and JSON parser of your choice to parse then handle each object.

In the following example, the a Jackson ObjectReader produces a MappingIterator which parses and processes each Person document in the array as it is delivered to the server

 * Parse and process an arbitrarily large JSON array of Person documents
public static class PersonResource {

    private static final ObjectReader reader = new ObjectMapper().readerFor(Person.class);

    public void inputstream(final InputStream is) throws IOException {
        final MappingIterator<Person> persons = reader.readValues(is);
        while (persons.hasNext()) {
            final Person person =;
            // process

Likewise, the Jersey client framework can send a stream of documents when configured with a Jackson ObjectMapper. The following example demonstrates this with the Jersey Test framework. The client streams an arbitrarily large iterator of Person documents

public class JacksonStreamingTest extends JerseyTest {

    protected Application configure() {
        return new ResourceConfig(PersonResource.class, ObjectMapperProvider.class);

     * Registers the application {@link ObjectMapper} as the JAX-RS provider for application/json
    public static class ObjectMapperProvider implements ContextResolver<ObjectMapper> {

        private static final ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();

        public ObjectMapper getContext(final Class<?> objectType) {
            return mapper;

    protected void configureClient(final ClientConfig config) {

    public void test() {
        final Set<Person> persons = Collections.singleton(Person.of("Tracy", "Jordan"));
        final Response response = target("persons/inputstream").request().post(Entity.json(persons.iterator()));
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