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Java Question

Why the code getting executed under `if( savedData != null )`, no matter if `savedData` is set to any value or null

I am learning Android but i am not much experienced with java.
I write these code to check if there is any data in

(Which i saved before using
) or not, and if there is any saved data then do something. But the code under
if (savedData != null)
Statement is always being executed, no matter if there is any value in
or not.

But when i use
if (!savedData.isEmpty()
it is doing what i meant it to do.

But i found on StackOverflow that we should not use
with String because if String is
will not execute.

I just wanted to know why
if (savedData != null)
is not working but
if (!savedData.isEmpty())

My code: Here
Log.d("isRunning : ", "True")
statement is always executing.

private String saveString = null;
private ListView listView;
private static List<String> listArray = new ArrayList<String>();
private SaveListInSharedPreferences saveListInSharedPreferences = new SaveListInSharedPreferences();

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

SharedPreferences settings = getPreferences(MODE_PRIVATE);
String savedData = settings.getString(saveString, null);
if (savedData != null){
listArray = saveListInSharedPreferences.getList(savedData);
Log.d("isRunning : ", "True" );

Answer Source
if (myString != null && !myString.isEmpty()) {

If this doesn't work then it isn't null. If it's not working then try setting it directly equal to null beforehand, and then figuring out why that function isn't returning null . As to why myString != null doesn't work by itself, here's a post that can explain it better than I could. Avoiding != null statements

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