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PHP Question

PHP table from explode array

I have data like this:

something something_description, something2 something2_description, something3 something3_description...

And now I need with PHP to get table as:


I don't know how many "something" and "something_decriptions" will it be so I need to set some loop.

for now I have this code:

$data = explode(',',$query);

from that I will get array like:

[0] => something something_description

Now how can I put this into table?

On net I found some examples for sorting array to table, but this is with one more "explode" inside "explode"

I could use some help.

Answer Source

Probably you are looking for this:

    $data = explode(',',$query);

    echo '<table>';
    foreach($data as $row){
        echo '<tr>';
        $row = explode(' ',$row);
        foreach($row as $cell){
            echo '<td>';
            echo $cell;
            echo '</td>';
        echo '</tr>';
    echo '</table>';
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