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detect when div width is change using javascript

I am new in javascript and I want to perform some action when the div with is changed

in jquery, I use this code

var width = $(window).width();
if($(this).width() != width){
width = $(this).width();

but I want to do it using javascript
help me please...

Answer Source

You can use on-resize-event like this:

var body = document.getElementsByTagName("BODY")[0];
var width = body.offsetWidth;

if (window.addEventListener) {  // all browsers except IE before version 9
  window.addEventListener ("resize", onResizeEvent, true);
} else {
  if (window.attachEvent) {   // IE before version 9
    window.attachEvent("onresize", onResizeEvent);

function onResizeEvent() {
  bodyElement = document.getElementsByTagName("BODY")[0];
  newWidth = bodyElement.offsetWidth;
  if(newWidth != width){
    width = newWidth;
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