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Starting of Tomcat failed from Netbeans

I have problem with starting Apache Tomcat 6 from Netbeans IDE 7.4 (on 7.3 version I had the same troubles. Other people mentioned that this problem exist also in other versions, like 8.0 etc).

What did I do:

  • remove installed Tomcat 7 (without removing it, I had the same difficulties)

  • add new server, downloaded from Apache Tomcat website (version apache-tomcat-6.0.39, with other version I had the same problems)

  • my server location: D:\apache-tomcat-netbeans

  • system variable CATALINA_HOME: D:\apache-tomcat-netbeans

  • system variable JAVA HOME: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_51\

  • tomcat user: I let netbeans creating new user, called tomcat with password tomcat. When I open {tomcat}\conf\tomcat-users.xml file after adding server, there is info about my user:

    < user password="tomcat" roles="manager,admin" username="tomcat"/ >

When I now click "start", I got "Starting of Tomcat failed".

My suspicions:

  • I'm working on Windows 7 as administrator, so I think this is not a problem with privileges to files.

  • Disabling proxy didn't helps.

  • Logs: There is only one log file created: localhost.2014-03-06.log and it is totally empty.

  • Starting Netbeans "as administrator" didn't helps.

  • From command line everything is all right, I have no problems with starting in normal or debug mode (catalina.bat jpda start or startup.bat)

Answer Source

I have faced the exact problem in apache-tomcat-7.0.56 and apache-tomcat-8.0.14 with netbeans7.4 and netbeans8. I installed tomcat from zip file. I fixed it by changing catalina.bat file in tomcat bin directory.

Find the bellow configuration in your catalina.bat file.



Just remove the double quotes



Now save and start your tomcat from NetBeans. It works for me in apache-tomcat-7.0.56 and apache-tomcat-8.0.14.

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