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ASP.NET (C#) Question

How to find if a filter is in the C# GlobalFilter

The ASP.Net MVC has the GlobalFilters.Filters. I want to find if RequireHttpsAttribute is in the GlobalFilters. I tried using GlobalFilters.Filters.Contains() but not knowing what type the RequiredHttpsAtrribute is. Thanks.

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You can use some LINQ:

var hasAttribute = GlobalFilters.Filters
    .Where(f => f.Instance is RequireHttpsAttribute)

Filters collection has a list of System.Web.Mvc.Filter elements. I filtered global filters collection for a filter, whose property Instance is of type RequireHttpsAttribute. Then I used Any to find out if there is at least one element in the collection.

The result hasAttribute is true if global filters collection has RequireHttpsAttribute, and false if not.