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String.toLocaleUpperCase(): Set locale on Node.js

The JavaScript String

method is supposed to account for case mapping on different locales, like Turkish (i is not mapper to dotless I, but to dotted İ in Turkish).

However, it seems the locale is captured from the OS only: I don't see a way to set up the locale. So if I am using a en-US OS and want to
a Turkish string in "tr", it will return the en-US version (dotless I, not dotted İ).

Assuming I am using Node.js compiled with INTL (, how could I define the locale to

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This isn't quite an answer right now. But ECMA-402 now specifies (as of the spec's 2nd edition) the behavior of String.prototype.toLocaleUpperCase. ECMA-402 changes the function to take a locale argument (undefined, string, or arraylike of locales) -- similar to what Number.prototype.toLocaleString and the various other locale-sensitive functions in ECMA-262 take, when modified by ECMA-402 -- and behaves consistent with that locale. Once Node implements that (it doesn't right now), you can simply change

var str = "bira";
str.toLocaleUpperCase(); // "BIRA"


var str = "bira";
str.toLocaleUpperCase("tr-TR"); // BİRA

and be on your way.

(Disclaimer: I don't know Turkish at all, I just picked a word containing "i" off a Turkish word list, and I'm presuming locale-sensitive uppercasing works the way I expect it does, for the purpose of the example above.)

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