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Scala Play updating an XML request

I'm posting an XML to my Play application, and I want my controller action to look for a specific field, update the field value, and send it back.

Example XML:


My controller action that just returns the same XML I'm posting:

def updateShrekXML() = Action(parse.xml) { request =>

I've looked at the Play documentation but it is very limited, how can I return the XML with an updated field, for example changing

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Yes we didn't find much about XML parsing and updating in Docs.

But We can achieve this by considering XML Node as Scala Class

Here is a working example which works in your condition

create a scala model for your XML object

class SomeXML(var name: String, var itemType: String, var category: String){

  def toXML = { //converts to XML

  //we can also use setters / getters without writing XML node everytime. Just calling .toXML gives the node
  def updateName(newName: String) ={ //updates name

  //some other utilities of your choice


Same class object to deserialize XML

object SomeXML {

  def fromXML(xmlNode: scala.xml.Node) = { //converts XML to Scala Object
    val name = (xmlNode \ "name").text
    val itemType = (xmlNode \ "type").text
    val category = (xmlNode \ "category").text
    new SomeXML(name, itemType, category)


Your Controller:

  def updateXML() = Action(parse.xml) { request =>
    val originalXML = SomeXML.fromXML(request.body.head) //(.head) reads XML node from Node sequence
    val updatedXML = originalXML.updateName("YourName")
    //Output: YourName ogre dank

In the same we can create scala class for every XML request and write your own utility functions to manipulate.

I'll update here if I found any Libraries or Utilities to do this in play framework.

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