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PHP Question

combine two arrays in php in unique case

I have the following 2 arrays variable.

$a = array("triple","triple","double","single","single");
$b = array("444","555","33","2","3");

i need to convert that 2 arrays to be this array pattern

$array = array(

so that i can get the result like this

triple(444 | 555) double(33) single(2 | 3)

anyone can help me? thanks

Answer Source

Just use array_combine, $b as keys and $a as values, then transfer to a new container grouping them with the key:

$array = array();
foreach(array_combine($b, $a) as $k => $v) {
    $array[$v][] = $k;

For presentation purposes, just implode them:

foreach($array as $key => $numbers) {
    echo $key , '(' , implode(' | ', $numbers), ')', ' ';
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