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Why does my Xamarin Android application suddenly require external storage permissions?

I have a Xamarin Android application I've been trying to create an update for. Right when everything was hooked up and working, and I finally made the release APK, I get a message from Google Play that the uploaded APK now requires two extra permissions. For reading and writing to external storage! I don't need these permissions in my application at all. I tried looking at my project's Android Manifest, and saw no such permissions listed there. Older versions of my application (using older versions of Xamarin Android) did not require these permissions. Why would Xamarin suddenly be injecting permissions I didn't specify?

I can confirm that this is the case with any application. I just created a new android app with it, and it requires external read/write permissions, with no apparent way to disable that requirement

Answer Source

Look in AssemblyInfo.cs, default template has this on the bottom of it:

[assembly: UsesPermission(Android.Manifest.Permission.Internet)]
[assembly: UsesPermission(Android.Manifest.Permission.WriteExternalStorage)]

Permissions can be set either through the AndroidManifest.xml file or through AssemblyInfo.cs. Delete those lines, and the permissions should not be set anymore.

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