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Swift CSVImporter Cannot use instance member path within property

I am currently trying to import a CSV file using CSVImporter. The github repo says that it is up to date with the current Swift version 3.0. However I am getting an error which I couldn't find a solution to on the internet.

This is the error:

This is the github repo:

I would gladly provide anymore information if needed.

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These errors are unrelated to the CSVImporter library.

The first error happens because you are referring one ivar from another. Essentially this is not valid in Swift:

class ABC {
  let hello = "Hello"
  let hello_world = hello + " World" // references 'hello'

The second error happens because you directly put code into your class. Code in Swift lives in methods or in initialisers, but not directly in a class.

I think this may be what you want:

class ViewController {

  let path = "/tmp/blub.csv"

  func load() {
    let importer = CSVImporter<[String]>(path: path)
    importer.startImportingRecords ... {

And if this is part of a VC (e.g. you might want to display the CSV in a tableview), you probably want to load the data off the main queue, not in init().

P.S.: Do not only send image links to source code. Copy/paste the relevant source code into the question.

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