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SQL Question

selecting values from a table and counting them but not include that value

I am trying to select a number of things from a table such as name, address, town and then show the number of times that town appears e. Mr A, the street, town, 3.
I want to produce something like

Personid Forename Surname Groupid count
1 John Bloggs 1 2
2 Josh Bloggs 1 2
3 Bert Bloggs 1 2
4 Owen Jones 2 1
5 Jack Rose 3 1

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Answer Source

try working with this:!6/591ea6/1 Not sure If I understand completely what you need

SELECT Personid
FROM TableZ z
    SELECT groupid
        ,count(groupid) AS [count]
    FROM TableZ
    GROUP BY groupid
    ) c ON c.Groupid = z.Groupid
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