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AngularJS Question

Setting your array index to selected from a angular bootstrap modal on close

I have been following the angular ui modal on this link https://angular-ui.github.io/bootstrap/#/modal.

Everything is working just fine, and I am able to select the index for the array $scope.comps= ['item1', 'item2', 'item3'].

My parent page, when closing the model has a form that shows only one comps at a time with next, previous, last, first buttons:

$scope.getNext = function () {
$scope.index = $scope.index + 1;
$scope.comp = $scope.comps[$scope.index];
$scope.getLast = function () {
$scope.index = $scope.comps.length - 1;
$scope.comp = $scope.comps[$scope.index];

$scope.getPrevious = function () {
$scope.index = $scope.index - 1;
$scope.comp = $scope.comps[$scope.index];
$scope.getFirst = function () {
$scope.comp = $scope.comps[0];

How do I set my $scope.comp, to the selected index after I close the modal

I have tried to set my $scope.comp in the $uibModalInstance.close function as below, but when I close the modal it doesn't take me to any $scope.comp and remains on the same.

$scope.ok = function () {
$uibModalInstance.close($scope.comp = $scope.comps[$scope.selected.index]);


$scope.ok = function () {
$scope.comp = $scope.comps[$scope.selected.index]);


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Answer Source

I resolved this by passing my $index back to the modalInstance.result.then function:

               function (selectedItem) {
                    $scope.selected = selectedItem;
                    $scope.comp = $scope.comps[$scope.selected];
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