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How can I remove "public/index.php" in the url generated laravel?

Basically I need to remove

from the the generated URL in laravel, commonly path is
, It should be something like


<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
<IfModule mod_negotiation.c>
Options -MultiViews

RewriteEngine On

# Redirect Trailing Slashes...
RewriteRule ^(.*)/$ /$1 [L,R=301]

# Handle Front Controller...
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteRule ^ index.php[L]


'url' => 'http://localhost',

how can I change that?

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Option 1: Use .htaccess

If it isn't already there, create an .htaccess file in the Laravel root directory. Create a .htaccess file your Laravel root directory if it does not exists already. (Normally it is under your public_html folder)

Edit the .htaccess file so that it contains the following code:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
   RewriteEngine On 
   RewriteRule ^(.*)$ public/$1 [L]

Now you should be able to access the website without the "/public/index.php/" part.

Option 2 : Move things in the '/public' directory to the root directory

Make a new folder in your root directory and move all the files and folder except public folder. You can call it anything you want. I'll use "laravel_code".

Next, move everything out of the public directory and into the root folder. It should result in something somewhat similar to this: enter image description here

After that, all we have to do is edit the locations in the laravel_code/bootstrap/paths.php file and the index.php file.

In laravel_code/bootstrap/paths.php find the following line of code:

'app' => __DIR__.'/../app',
'public' => __DIR__.'/../public',

And change them to:

'app' => __DIR__.'/../app',
'public' => __DIR__.'/../../',

In index.php, find these lines:

require __DIR__.'/../bootstrap/autoload.php';     
$app = require_once __DIR__.'/../bootstrap/start.php';

And change them to:

require __DIR__.'/laravel_code/bootstrap/autoload.php';     
$app = require_once __DIR__.'/laravel_code/bootstrap/start.php';

Source: How to remove /public/ from URL in Laravel

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