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Python Question

What option do I need in to create the package in the right directory?

I am using
to create a python package, which I want to install via
. To correctly install the files under


I used the following option in

'package_dir': {'':'lib'}

as described here but get an error

error: package directory 'lib' does not exist

Well, there is no such directory as I want the current directory to be installed as package
or whatever. I also tried to use

'package_dir': {'mycode':''}

which installes the code directly in


and not under


What am I doing wrong, and where is this documented? I might overlooked the documentation of this basic feature as the documentation for
is 'suboptimal'.


The description to how to do this an be found in the distribute documentation... Within a directory containing all of the project (TowelStuff/ in the given example) you specify the name of the actual module (towelstuff/). To include this as your module you need to add the following line in

'packages': ['towelstuff']

After having created the sdist (from within TowelStuff/), the installation of this package will install it under site-packages/towelstuff, which can be imported as usual (from towelstuff import ...).