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Javascript Question

How to numerically sort nested keys in local storage

The Problem

I've been trying to figure out how to sort my local storage object by its keys which are milliseconds.

Example Code

// function that saves to local storage
function saveObjectToLocalStorage(key, object) {
object = JSON.stringify(object);
window.localStorage.setItem(key, object);
// function that gets from local storage
function getObjectFromLocalStorage(key) {
var saved = window.localStorage.getItem(key);
if (saved) {
return JSON.parse(saved);
} else {
return null;

// custom function to get milliseconds since epoch
var getId = getMillis();
// retrieve the existing object from local storage
var fruitEntry = getObjectFromLocalStorage('fruitHistory');
// then add to it
fruitEntry[getId] = {
fruit: 'banana',
weight: '100',
// and save it back
saveObjectToLocalStorage('fruitHistory', fruitEntry);

So local storage now looks like this

fruitHistory "{

What I Want To Do

Now I want to be able to sort these entries based on their key (id/milliseconds) so that I can save them in order of date and later output them in a reverse chronological order.

What I've Tried

I'm so far unable to modify basic examples to work for my nested key storage style.

Unable to modify Jeremy's answer to repack my object and save it back to local storage. This is one thing I've tried so far using his ES5 examples..

// get my local storage object
var fruitHistory = getObjectFromLocalStorage('fruitHistory');
// create an empty array to add to?
var keysToSort = [];
// is this converting my object to an array? or just extracting the keys to be sorted?
for (var key in fruitHistory) {
if (fruitHistory.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
// i have to learn more about push but does this translate just the key to the array, or does it pair the values with the keys?
// this seems to sort the keys just fine
keysToSort.sort(); // Sort as strings.

// this console logging works fine at showing the above sort worked
// i don't understand how it re-pairs the values with the keys
// my attempts at re-upping the object to local storage have saved only the keys with no values attached
// so i havent been able to figure out how to rebuild it back to an object..
// ..so i can re-rup it to local storage
for (var i = 0; i < keysToSort.length; i++) {

Answer Source

Object keys are never in a specific order, so you can't sort what you have exactly.

What you need to do is first extract the keys, then sort those.

var fruitHistory = {
  "1111111111111": {
    "fruit": "banana",
    "weight": "100"
  "1333333333333": {
    "fruit": "papaya",
    "weight": "300"
  "1222222222222": {
    "fruit": "tomato",
    "weight": "200"

// ES6
var keys6 = Object.keys(fruitHistory);

// ES5
var keys5 = [];
for (var key in fruitHistory) {
  if (fruitHistory.hasOwnProperty(key)) {



// Once you have the keys, you can proceed either way.

keys5.sort(); // Sort as strings.

// ES5
for (var i = 0; i < keys5.length; i++) {

// ES6
keys6.forEach((key) => {

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