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php script to log the raw data of POST

I am sending data using HTTP POST to my server. But in the server, I am not receiving the data. And somehow I don't have any way to check the data (or debug script) on client side. But on client side I am getting HTTP 200, means data is sent. Also I can see the connection and data sending was successful. However log in the server doesn't contain the data (only the number of bytes).

How can I log the raw POST data that was sent to the server?

FYI, here client is an embedded device with very limited capability. SO, is this problem. So, I can not check "print_r" or "echo"

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You may also try:


To show if the variables are coming in in $_POST (FORM-POST if encoding/method is right) or $_GET

If you want to log either rather than printing onscreen - you could try:

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