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Linux Question

core dumped - but core file is not in current directory?

While running a C program, It says "(core dumped)" but I can't see any files under current path.

I have set and verified the


ulimit -c unlimited
ulimit -a

I also tried to find file named "core", but didn't get the core dumped file?

Any help, where is my core file?

Answer Source

Read /usr/src/linux/Documentation/sysctl/kernel.txt.

[/proc/sys/kernel/]core_pattern is used to specify a core dumpfile pattern name.

  • If the first character of the pattern is a '|', the kernel will treat the rest of the pattern as a command to run. The core dump will be written to the standard input of that program instead of to a file.

Instead of writing the core dump to disk, your system is configured to send it to the abrt program instead. Automated Bug Reporting Tool is possibly not as documented as it should be...

In any case, the quick answer is that you should be able to find your core file in /var/cache/abrt, where abrt stores it after being invoked. Similarly, other systems using Apport may squirrel away cores in /var/crash, and so on.

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