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Strategies for editing reactive functions in Shiny, 'data' must be of a vector type, was 'NULL' error

Goal: I am trying to create a shiny app that displays (1) the stressplot of a non-metric multidimensional scaling solution, (2) a ggplot of the point configuration, and (3) the results of clustering the point configuration by plotting the point configuration and superimposing chulls of the clustering.

Problem: The first two plots work without difficulty. Instead of a third plot, I get the error: 'data' must be of a vector type, was 'NULL'

  1. I would appreciate any advice on how to resolve the specific problem, i.e. "error in array: 'data' must be of a vector type, was 'NULL'"

  2. I would also appreciate any general advice on how to debug shiny. My only strategy is to treat the code like it isn't reactive code, and I suspect that this strategy isn't terribly effective.

My attempt to solve: I've searched the error on rseek and stack overflow and reviewed the posts. In some of the cases with similar errors the problem was that necessary data wasn't being calculated. I went through the code, treated it as normal (non-reactive) code, and used fake data. When I did this I didn't have any problem, so I assume it is something about the reactivity? Question 2 about how to debug is a reaction to the fact that trying to debug like the code wasn't dynamic didn't identify the problem.

Reproducible Example: I put together a shiny app that has randomly generated data. Before doing the testing I updated R and all the packages I use.

# Packages and options
options(digits = 3)
# Create dissimilarity matrix
d <- rnorm(1000)
mat <- matrix(d, ncol = 10)
diss_m <- daisy(mat) %>% as.matrix()
# Function
find_chulls <- function(df, x, y) {
ch <- chull(df[[x]], df[[y]])
df[ch,] %>%
ui <- fluidPage(
numericInput('dim', 'Dimensions', 2, min = 2, max = 15)
h3('Non-Metric Multidimensional Scaling'),
h3('2d Density Plot'),
h3('Cluster Analysis'),
server <- function(input, output, session) {
nmds <- reactive({
distance = "euclidean",
k = input$dim,
trymax = 200,
autotransform = FALSE,
noshare = FALSE,
wascores = FALSE)
output$plot0 <- renderPlot({
pts <- reactive({
nmds()$points %>%
output$plot1 <- renderPlot({
ggplot(pts(), aes(x = MDS1, y = MDS2)) +
output$plot2 <- renderPlot({
ggplot(pts(), aes(x = MDS1, y = MDS2)) +
geom_point() +
df_cl <- reactive({
km <- kmeans(x = pts(), centers = input$clust)
cl <- km$cluster
data.frame(pts(), clust = cl)
df_ch <- reactive({
df_ch_temp <- df_cl() %>% group_by(clust) %>% do(find_chulls(., 1, 2))
df_ch_temp %>%

The plot below is the one that doesn't work

output$plot3 <- renderPlot({
ggplot(df_ch(), aes(x = MDS1, y = MDS2, fill = as.factor(clust))) + geom_polygon(alpha = 0.10)
# Run the application
shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

Answer Source

Your input$clust is undefined in:

df_cl <- reactive({
  km <- kmeans(x = pts(), centers = input$clust)
  cl <- km$cluster
  data.frame(pts(), clust = cl)

You need to add an input binding for clust, e.g.:

 numericInput('clust', 'Clusters', 2, min = 2, max = 15)

As for debugging: I added browser() at the top in df_cl, then execution stops and you can inspect variables and run code in the terminal (e.g. in Rstudio). When I ran km <- kmeans(x = pts(), centers = input$clust) I got the error you described and could then see that input contains no clust element.

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