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jQuery Question

jquery IDs with spaces

Does anyone know how to select an item in the DOM by ID with jQuery, when that ID has a space?

For example, the ID of my item would be

<div id="content Module">Stuff</div>

How would I select this with jQuery?

If I just do

$("#content Module").whatever()

jQuery will try to find an item with both the ID of content and the ID of Module, which is not what I am looking for.

I should add that I am working with an old code base where these two word ids are used extensively, so going through and changing all the IDs would be bad.


Use an attribute selector.

$("[id='content Module']").whatever();

Or, better, specify the tag as well:

$("div[id='content Module']").whatever();

Note that unlike $('#id'), this will return multiple elements if you have multiple elements with the same id within your page.