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Git Question

Open two GIT branches in two separate IDE instances?

We are migrating from Mercurial to GIT.

With Mercurial we have separate repositories compared to one repo with separate branches in GIT.

Thus with Mercurial it's straightforward to open two separate repos in two separate instances of your IDE. How can you do this with GIT as there is (I believe) only one branch current at a time in a GIT repo?

Note: this similar ticket refers to opening two branches in the same IDE. The difference with this question is we're happy to open them in two separate IDE instances. Though I'm guessing the answer is the same - you can't do it.

Answer Source

You are correct: there is only one active branch at a time. The best you can do is to clone the repository twice on your local machine into two different directories, and then simply open up the appropriate directory in each IDE instance.

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