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C++ Question

Can I use Qt thread ID to create unique cache for every thread?

I want to cache lazy loaded objects that are not thread safe. Every thread should have it's own group of objects.

My idea is to create

QMap<int, MyObject>
and access this map by thread ID that I get using
. The map itself would be protected by read/write mutex (that is, unique lock for writing, shared lock for reading). It will not be acessed often.

I am not sure if it's really a good idea. Are there any problems with this approach?

Answer Source



QThreadStorage<QCache<QString, SomeClass> > caches;

void cacheObject(const QString &key, SomeClass *object)
    caches.localData().insert(key, object);

void removeFromCache(const QString &key)
    if (!caches.hasLocalData())

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