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Apache HttpClient Android (Gradle)

I have added this line to my build.gradle

compile group: 'org.apache.httpcomponents' , name: 'httpclient-android' , version: '4.3.5'

and I want to use MultipartEntityBuilder in my code. However Android studio doesn't add the library to my code.
Can anyone help me with this?

Answer Source

if you are using target sdk as 23 add below code in your build.gradle

 useLibrary  'org.apache.http.legacy'

additional note here: dont try using the gradle versions of those files. they are broken (28.08.15). I tried over 5 hours to get it to work. it just doesnt. not working:

compile 'org.apache.httpcomponents:httpcore:4.4.1'
compile 'org.apache.httpcomponents:httpclient:4.5'

another thing dont use:


its referring 21 api level.

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