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React JSX Question

react-native application has not been registered

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React-native 'app is not registered' error

im going through the react-native tutorials i made a new react native project i ran it on my device it worked fine then i copied the code from the next tutorial --> and this screen came up error i got after copying code straight from the react website

I don't know what went wrong because it was working initially but after I copied code from tutorial now its not working

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I guess it is an error caused by not matching name of project and your registered component.

You have inited project with one name, i.e.

react-native init AwesomeApp

But in your index.ios.js file your register other component

AppRegistry.registerComponent('Bananas', () => Bananas);

When it must be

AppRegistry.registerComponent('AwesomeApp', () => Bananas);

Try to fix it.

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