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Android SDK Manager not showing any packages to install

I'm having a problem in the Android SDK Manager in which it doesn't show that I have any packages available to install:


When I first installed the SDK, the only line I saw there was the Android SDK Tools. I was able to add the Platform-Tools and Android 4.2 package my copying and pasting from the Android ADT bundle that I downloaded separately.

The log is showing no issues:

Fetching https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/repository/addons_list-2.xml
Fetched Add-ons List successfully
Fetching URL: https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/repository/repository-7.xml
Done loading packages.

And I can see available packages when I open up the XML the package URL returns.

Things I've tried:
1. Messing with the proxy in Tools > Options. I've tried both and blank.
2. Opening the SDK Manager from Eclipse and directly (regular and as Administrator)
3. Uninstalling and re-installing the Android SDK. Downloading the latest versions of everything.

My system:
Windows 7 x64
Eclipse 4.2.1 Juno
SDK Manager 21.1
ADT 21.1

Any ideas? I suppose I could download the files by pulling URLs directly from the XML, but that isn't ideal.


Since I can pull the repository-7.xml file using a browser, this doesn't look like a Firewall/AV/Network setup issue. It's a matter of the SDK Manager not loading up the package information it pulls back through the XML.

Answer Source

So I was finally able to see all of the available packages. I accidentally hit the SDK Manager icon in Eclipse instead of the AVD Manager I meant to press:


And all of the available packages showed up.

Also, now when I open the SDK Manager using any of the other methods (directly from SDK directory or using the Window > Android SDK Manager menu option in Eclipse) all of those missing packages are now showing up.

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