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How to get or compute the width/height of an inflated view

How do I compute the width and height of an inflated View if the parent is a PopupWindow, not a ViewGroup? I cannot use

LayoutInflator.inflate(int resId, ViewGroup parent, attachToRoot boolean)
because PopupWindow is not a ViewGroup, so I use
LayoutInflator.inflate(int resId)
instead, but after that I getWidth() and getHeight() return zero :(

I need to resize the PopupWindow to fit the View, but cannot do so until the View has a parent. Do I have a chicken-and-egg problem?

By the way the View is a subclass of RelativeView so calculating it manually is essentially out of the question.

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Actually popupWindow supports "wrap content" constans, so if you want popup be exact as your view - use this:

popup = new PopupWindow(context);

--other options--

getWidth() and getHeight() returns zero, because view have size only after drawing on the screen. You can try to get values from LayoutParams of inflated view.

If there is fill_parent value - you are in egg-chicken situation.

If there is values in px or dp you can manually calculate size in pixels:

Math.round(TypedValue.applyDimension(TypedValue.COMPLEX_UNIT_DIP, dpSize, context.getResources().getDisplayMetrics()));

If there is wrap_content value - you can use view.measure() method - all children and view itself will be measured, and you can get view.getMeasuredHeight() and view.getMeasuredWidth().

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