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C# compiler number literals

Does anyone know the full list of C# compiler number literal modifiers?

By default declaring '0' makes it an Int32 and '0.0' makes it a 'Double'. I can use the literal modifier 'f' at the end to ensure something is treated as a 'Single' instead. For example like this...

var x = 0; // x is Int32
var y = 0f; // y is Single

What are the other modifiers I can use? Is there one for forcing to Double, Decimal, UInt32? I tried googling for this but could not find anything. Maybe my terminology is wrong and so that explains why I am coming up blank. Any help much appreciated.

Answer Source
var y = 0f; // y is single
var z = 0d; // z is double
var r = 0m; // r is decimal
var i = 0U; // i is unsigned int
var j = 0L; // j is long (note capital L for clarity)
var k = 0UL; // k is unsigned long (note capital L for clarity)

From the C# specification Integer literals and Real literals. Take note that L and UL are preferred as opposed to their lowercase variants for clarity as recommended by Jon Skeet.

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