Jens Jens -4 years ago 137
Javascript Question

Is there a way to clear all JavaScript timers at once?

Im building an automatic refreshing comment section for my website using jQuery .load. So I am using a javascript 'setTimeout' timer to check for new comments.

But after doing some stuff like changing comment pages or deleting (all using ajax), a few old timers keep running, even though I used clearTimeout before loading new ajax content.

Is there some way to clear ALL javascript timers when I load new ajax content?

Answer Source

There's no general function in javascript that allows you to clear all timers. You will need to keep track of all timers you create. For this you could use a global array:

var timers = [];
// add a timer to the array
timers.push(setTimeout(someFunc, 1000));
// clear all timers in the array
for (var i = 0; i < timers.length; i++)
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